Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization for Grades 3-5 that is designed to enhance science education, increase student enthusiasm in science, and to provide recognition for student achievement in these events.  The Science Olympiad tournaments are academic competitions consisting of team events that students prepare for during the school year.  These challenging areas are well-balanced between various science areas.  There is also a balance of events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and applications. Students on Science Olympiad must maintain a B average on their report cards.

 Science Olympiad teams have a maximum of 24 students per team, and we are currently at full capacity.

The team will meet once a week after school on Tuesdays. 
Students must be picked up no later than 4:30 PM.

The event locations and times will be announced at a later time.