2016-2017 Supply List

Brookville Elementary School

Supply List




 4  pk sharpened pencils

8  glue sticks

2  bottles Elmer's glue       

1  pk classic Crayola Washable Markers

5  pks crayons Crayola 24 count

1  1” view binder with clear cover 3 ring

3  boxes Kleenex

2  boxes baby wipes

2  rolls paper towels

1  set new white pillowcases standard size *Do not label

Boys one box of gallon size zipper bags

Girls one box sandwich size zipper bags

1  pk fat expo markers

1  clear front pencil pouch for binder

2  hand sanitizers

1  ream white copy paper

Each child will need an extra set of clothes in a zipper bag labeled with his or her name.

Please do not label supplies, just the bag you bring them in.

Each student needs a backpack.

First Grade

1  view binder 1” or 1 ½”

1  fabric pencil pouch

2  primary journals

4  glue sticks

2  bottles of Elmer's glue

4  boxes Crayola crayons 24 count

1  box Crayola markers

1  box dry erase markers

2  boxes baby wipes

1  roll paper towels

2  boxes kleenex

2  bottles hand sanitizer (no pocket size or sanitizer with a black lid)

Girls one pkg sandwich size zipper bags

Boys one pkg gallon size zipper bags

Please only label the backpack and pencil pouch. 

Each student needs a backpack.


Second Grade

 2  3-hole punched pocket folders with brads, green and blue

2  packs pencils (20 ct each)

3  1-subject notebooks spiral bound

2  pks 24 count Crayola crayons

1  pencil box

4  boxes kleenex

1  roll paper towels

1  box clorox wipes

2  pks copy paper

1  pk dry erase markers

2  pks loose leaf paper

Each student needs a backpack.


Third Grade

4  wide ruled composition books

3  pks loose leaf paper wide ruled

2  pks pencils 20 count

2  pks Crayola crayons 24 count

1  cloth or plastic pencil pouch

2  large glue sticks

3  bottles hand sanitizer

3  boxes Kleenex

2  rolls paper towels

Boys – 1 pk gallon zipper bags

Girls – 1 pk sandwich zipper bags

Each student needs a backpack.


Fourth and Fifth Grades


4  1-subject composition notebooks (Not Spiral)

2  3-hole punch plastic folders with pockets

    No brads, any color

1  pkg sharpened pencils

2  boxes Kleenex

1  box Crayola crayons

1  3-ring pencil pouch

1  hand sanitizer

1  12 count pkg colored pencils

1  pkg expo markers

1  pkg loose leaf paper

Girls 1 pkg zipper bags

Boys 1 roll paper towels

Each student needs a backpack.